Tattoo Healing Process

Tattoo Healing Process and After Care Instructions

Hey! Guy’s! Welcome to today’s article. Today I am going to talk about something that you guys have been asking a lot. And when you ask about stuff, I write articles about it. This is how it works. So, today I am going to talk about tattoos aftercare and the healing process and stuff like that. I will share with you guys what exactly I have been doing to take care of my new tattoos and how I heal my tattoos within a week.

Healing Cream

So, the first thing I do when I get a tattoo is that I wash it and clean it with non perfumed soap once or twice per day usually twice but sometimes once. And I always moisturize it. On all my tattoos, I use cream called Bepanthen. It works perfectly, I love that and I think it’s amazing. And the one that I don’t like is Helosan. It does the job but I don’t like its formula and what it does to my tattoos. The reason I don’t like it is that it takes forever to sink in to the skin. I just don’t like how long it takes. When you moisturize your tattoo with Helosan and then if don’t wash your hands afterwards, it will stick to your hands for hours and I just don’t like it.

Coconut Oil

I also use coconut oil when my tattoos are healed. But Of course you can also use it during the healing process. Coconut oil can be used basically for everything. I use it on all my tattoos because it keeps them fresh.

All my tattoos healed within a week except for the one on my forearm where I used the Helosan lotion. It took like 3 or 4 weeks to heal. On my all other tattoo I used Bepanthen lotion which does the job perfectly and heals tattoos in a little time.

Sun Blocks

I don’t put sunscreen on my tattoos, if I’m just like going to be out in the sun.  Like if I go into town and the sun is shining, I don’t put any sun blocks on my tattoos. But if I am spending a lot of time out and my tattoos are mostly exposed to sunlight then obviously I use sun blocks because I don’t want them to fade as quickly. If you don’t want your tattoos to fade quickly you should always protect them from direct sunlight and put sun screens on every single day. Yeah should always do that if you want to protect them if you want to be like super hardcore.

Listen to Your Tattoo Artist

Every one’s skin is a bit different than others. So, one thing that works for you might not work for others. When you get your tattoo, your tattoo artist will give you after care instructions that might be slightly different from other people. Listen to your tattoo artist and do what he tells you. Because in the end he is the one who knows better. To read more about tattoos the best way to take care of a new tattoo visit our website.

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