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How many laser treatments to remove a tattoo | Tattoo removal Factors

How many laser treatments to remove a tattoo? Most of the people have on their minds. Many of the factors go into that not just one. Most of the tattoo removal specialists also use the same factors and they make their estimates by using kerbi Desi scale for that. What it actually does is take all the factors such as the color of ink used, tattoos age, type of the skin and where is the tattoos location on body. That is how the tattoo removal specialists come up with the estimates also. Let begin to dive deeper into all these factors one by one.

How many laser treatments to remove a tattoo include factors such as:

1- Type of Skin:

Like most of the studios a Fitzpatrick scale is used. It was made in the seventies by a dermatologist so it’s a dermatological scale. It is used to rate different skin types from scale of 1 to 6. Where 1 is the lightest skin color and 6 is darkest on the scale. With the help of this scale tattoo removal specialists then set the power of the laser accordingly. People who have lighter skin will be able to benefit from it more due to the specialists able to be more aggressive with the settings of power on the machine.

People whose skin type is more closer to 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale usually requires more sessions because the specialists have to cut back on the power a little and in turn it will cost a bit more for them too.

2- Ink Quality Present in Tattoo

Depends on the ink used in the present tattoo and is it an amateur tattoo or a professional one also counts. If it’s a professional tattoo then it is of course of a higher quality and hence will require more sessions for it to be removed. Whereas a amateur or homemade tattoo which is done with a lower quality ink than a professional one and requires lower amount of sessions.

3- Tattoo’s Age

Tattoos that are fairly easier to remove can age ranging from ten to fifteen years old compared to newer ones. Because a tattoo that is less than a year is definitely going to take more sessions to get the desired results.

4- Color of Ink

Ink colors matter a lot when you are looking into removing them. Darker colors are generally easier to remove. Hard to remove colors are the lighter ones especially the yellow and green color compared to red color and black are the easiest to remove. So if you have a darker and single colored tattoo that is good news for you since you won’t require as much sessions and the people who have a multi colored tattoo.

5- Your Tattoo’s Location

Generally the tattoos that are located further away from your lymphatic system or heart will require more sessions. Meaning if you have a tattoo that is located on your neck will not require many sessions because it is much more vascular, near to heart i.e., closer to lymphatic system where  your body’s immune system will help remove the tattoo more efficiently.

6- Inks Density

This one is fairly simple as the name suggests. If the ink of your tattoo is of higher intensity then it will take more time to remove i.e., more sessions will be required for the patient with the tattoo removal specialist. That is why if you want to get a tribal tattoo removed it will take longer than a tattoo that is only Grey shaded.

7- Scarring

If there are any scars of scarring prior to tattoo removal sessions with the doctor if should be mentioned to them so. Because it will require more sessions to be removed. More sessions are required because it takes more time for the laser to reach the ink for its break down.

8- Ink Layering

What is ink layering? That is when your tattoo has ink on top of ink or in simple words cover ups. And they generally do require more sessions for it to be removed because there is higher ink density available.

It is different for every person’s tattoo so always difficult to judge until at the tattoo removal specialist’s office for consultation then they can give you the final verdict.

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